Create an email mask through Firefox Relay

Once you’ve installed Firefox Relay, you’ll see an option to create a mask on email fields and web forms. You can generate up to five email masks.

We don’t recommend using masks when you need your identity verified or for very important emails or those where you must receive attachments. For example, you’d want to share your true email address with your bank, your doctor, and your lawyer, as well as when receiving concert or flight boarding passes.

Auto-fill forms with a mask

The Firefox Relay icon will appear in the email field when you visit an online form. Click it to generate an email mask or to see a list of recently used masks. If the Firefox Relay icon doesn't show up, right-click on the email field and select Generate New mask.


More from the Firefox Relay dashboard

You can access the Firefox Relay dashboard at, or by clicking the Firefox Relay icon in the toolbar and then clicking Manage all masks.

From the dashboard, you can:

  1. Create labels for your masks
  2. Delete masks
  3. Disable masks

Premium users can block promotional emails and access the following information from the dashboard:

  1. Number of masks used
  2. Number of emails blocked
  3. Number of emails forwarded

Manually create, copy and paste an email mask

Email masks aren’t just for online forms. If you want to share a mask in other places (e.g., a message, forum, and more), or if you’re unable to autofill a form, you can generate one on your dashboard and copy and paste it manually.

  1. Click the Firefox Relay button on the toolbar.

  2. Click Manage all masks at the bottom of the panel.
  3. Click + Generate New mask and it will appear on the list.
  4. From here, you can copy your email mask by clicking the clipboard icon next to it.
    copy relay email
  5. (Optional) Click Add account name to label your mask.

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