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Can I change an alias that I have automatically generated?

No. Relay aliases are generated automatically. Once an alias is generated, it is not possible to change it.

I don't see the icon to generate a new alias in the text field, what can I do?

Sometimes, the Firefox Relay icon is not shown in the email field on some web pages. Right-click on the email field and select generate new alias from the menu that pops up to see it.

Can I reply to an email from my dashboard?

Currently, it is not possible to reply to an email from the dashboard. With premium, you can reply to forwarded messages in your real inbox. Relay will still hide your real email address when you reply.

Can I use symbols when I create an alias for my domain?

You can use symbols, but not at the beginning or end of your alias.

Can I change the name of my domain later?

It is not possible to change the name of your domain once you have created it.

Which data do you collect and how do I disable data collection?

To learn about the data we collect, visit this page. To disable add-on data collection, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Relay icon in the toolbar and then click on the gear icon.
  2. Click the toggle next to Allow Mozilla to collect interaction data to enable or disable data collection.

To prevent alias information like the label name, where the alias was created, and where the alias has been used from being collected to enhance your user experience:

  1. Visit Settings in the Firefox Relay website.
  2. Uncheck Allow ⁨Relay⁩ to collect data showing the sites on which your aliases are created and used then click Save. If unchecked, this information will be stored locally in the add-on only.

What is the difference between a regular email alias and a custom domain email alias?

Custom domain email aliases work a little differently than regular email aliases. You don’t actually need to generate an email address with your custom domain. You just provide an email address @yourcustomdomain and it will instantly be created when you provide it to a service or website. For example, if you are signing up for a newsletter, just enter something like and that email alias will instantly be created and added to your Dashboard. This even works when you are away from your computer, out shopping for instance. You can verbally provide something like and it will instantly be created when an email is sent to it.

Can I reuse an alias that I already created?

Yes. To reuse an alias that you have already created, simply copy the alias from your dashboard and paste it into the email field of the website you're visiting.

Can I reuse or generate an alias for any website?

Although Firefox Relay allows you to generate or reuse an alias on most websites, some websites may not allow you to register with a generated alias due to specific email requirements of that website.

Can I reuse an alias that I have disabled?

To reuse an alias that you have disabled, you will have to re-enable it from the dashboard.

Can I reuse an alias I deleted?

If you delete a randomly generated alias, it is not possible to use it or reuse it on any website. Aliases created with a custom-generated alias can be reused.

Is there a character limit for my domain name?

Your domain name can be up to 63 characters long.

Can I save a login with an automatically generated alias?

Yes, Relay works well with a password manager to save your generated alias and your password together.

What happens if I decide to cancel my subscription and switch to the free version of Relay?

Unlimited aliases: A user will no longer be able to create new aliases if they are above 5. Emails will continue to go through the unlimited aliases they have created already.

Custom domain alias: A user will still have that dedicated to them, we will not recycle it. Aliases created while premium will continue to have emails flow through them. When they are no longer premium, if they try to create a new alias with the custom domain, emails will not flow through.

Replies: A user can no longer reply if they have cancelled their subscription.

Is there a limitation on Replies I can send?

A user can send up to 100 replies per day.

Can I attach emails to my messages?

Yes. There is a 150 KB attachment size limitation.

Do you store my emails?

We do not read or store any of your messages. In the event that an email cannot be delivered to you, we will keep it on our servers and delete it after it has been delivered (in no event will we hold onto it for more than three days).

Where is ⁨Relay⁩ available?

Free ⁨Relay⁩ is available in most countries. ⁨Relay Premium⁩ is available in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, France, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Ireland.

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