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Welcome to Hubs, an experimental, VR-friendly platform that was created by the Mozilla Mixed Reality team. Hubs is a tool for communicating and collaborating privately, and allows you to connect with people and bring in resources from around the internet for your meetings and virtual events.

Get Started

You don't need a VR device to visit and create Hubs rooms. Hubs runs on most modern browsers, mobile, desktop, and VR devices. See supported devices and browsers in the Hubs Documentation to learn more.

Create a Room

With Hubs, you can create a room and invite others to join. Visit and click Create a Room.


Once your room is created, you will be brought to the room’s lobby. This room is private and no one else can join unless they are invited.

Enter a Room

Click Enter Room and follow the prompts to select a name, avatar and enable the mic.

Click here to learn how to enter a room with a VR headset or mobile device.

Invite Users

In a room you can invite others by using the Share button at the top of the screen.

Then you can share either the link to the room or the code.

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Room Features

Once in the room, you have access to a wide number of features that allow you to collaborate and communicate freely with others who you invite to join you.

You can chat to other users in the room or lobby. Type ‘/’ into the chat box to see additional user commands. You can share your computer camera or screen and add videos, images and 3D models to the room with the media browser and more.

See Lobbies and rooms in Hubs to learn more about what you can do in rooms.

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