How can I customize my avatar?

When you first enter a Hubs room, you can select an avatar to represent yourself. You can select from various premade avatars or create your own. You will also be able to set a display name, which is visible to everyone else in the room.

Select your avatar

When you join a room the Name & Avatar page will appear. Select Browse Avatars to open the avatar browser, which will show a variety of featured avatars.


If you have a Hubs account you can save your favorite avatars to My Avatars for quick access. Click the copy icon to from the avatar selection screen, to save an avatar.


When you have chosen your avatar, click the Accept button.

Create a custom avatar

You can also create your own custom avatar for Hubs. This can be as basic as a 're-skin' to one of the base avatar bodies or you can upload your own 3D model.

Note: You need to be signed in to your Hubs account to create a custom avatar.

Learn more about about creating a custom avatar in the Hubs Documentation:

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