How to contribute to the Knowledge Base

Thanks for your interest to help with our Knowledge Base. For millions of people around the world, these articles are the face of Mozilla when they have a problem or question about one of our products. Improving the Knowledge Base is the way to get the biggest bang for our collective effort. A single article can quickly help tens of thousands of people each week.

In general, there are two ways you can contribute to the Knowledge Base:

Write new support articles

Are there support topics for Mozilla products we haven't covered? You can do a search to find Knowledge Base articles that already exist.

Help us improve existing articles

The most common thing we do in the glamorous world of Knowledge Base maintenance is to try to improve the articles we already have.

Before you write or edit an article, make sure to read About the Knowledge Base.

If you're really interested in editing and writing documentation, here are a few resources that should help explain how we do things:

Create new support articles

Improve existing support articles

Other guidelines

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