How do I opt out of Firefox Monitor?

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Firefox Monitor is a data breach notification service offered by Mozilla that warns you if your online accounts have been involved in a data leak. Using the Have I Been Pwned database, Firefox Monitor keeps track of known data breaches and notifies you if your online accounts are compromised, providing guidance on how to proactively protect yourself going forward.

To stop receiving notifications about breaches involving your email address, do the following:

  1. Go to and, on the top right, click Sign In
    Firefox Monitor 13
  2. Log in using your Firefox Account.
    Firefox Monitor 6
  3. On the top right, click your profile image and select Preferences.
    Firefox Monitor 12
  4. Scroll down the page, click Remove Firefox Monitor and confirm the request.
    Firefox Monitor 11

All set! You will no longer receive notifications for future data breaches involving your online accounts.

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