How do I update the Firefox Private Network extension?

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Mozilla will end support for Firefox Private Network on June 20th, 2023. You'll no longer be able to subscribe to Firefox Private Network, or install, reinstall, or use the extension. As an alternative, learn more about creating a secure, private connection to the internet using Mozilla VPN.

Staying on the latest version of the Firefox Private Network add-on ensures that you get the latest improvements.

You can update your Firefox Private Network Browse Extension by following these steps:

  1. Enter about:addons in the Firefox address bar to see a list of your add-ons.
  2. Select Firefox Private Network from the list.
  1. Click the settings Selecting the gear icon and clicking Check for updates.
    fpn addon update
  2. Once updated, sign in with your Firefox Account.
As with all Firefox Private Network Beta clients, you need to be in the United States to successfully sign in and use the service.

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