Moderate rooms in Hubs

There are a number moderation features in Hubs that room owners can use to help make the in-room experience positive for those attending.

Please note that when you create a room in Hubs, the room is private by default. Sharing the link or access code with other people allows them to enter that specific room. Therefore, you want to be aware of who has the link. There may be some use cases where communities want to make their Hubs rooms more publicly available.

Change room name

To change the name of a room, select Room Settings from the dropdown menu, enter a new name and select Apply.

Change room scene

See Scenes in Hubs to learn about changing the scene of a room.

Promote Hubs room moderators

When in a Hubs room with other trusted users, the room owner can promote other users to also have moderation permissions. Promoted moderators will have the same permissions as a room owner. It is important to ensure that users who are promoted to moderator are trusted parties since they will be able to rename, change scenes and close the room.

To promote other users to moderators, select the user from the user list and select the Promote button. Users need to be signed in to be promoted to moderators.

Close Hubs room

When you are finished with a Hubs room, you can close the room by clicking or tapping the menu icon and selecting Close Room. When you close a Hubs room, links and codes to the room will no longer work for anyone, including the room owner.

Change room member permissions

You can specify whether users in the room are able to create and move objects, pin content and draw with the pen. To configure these for your Hubs room, click or tap the menu icon, select Room Settings and toggle the permissions that you want to set. By default, all room permissions are enabled.

Remove/kick a user from a room

You can kick a user from a room, which will also remove all of their non-pinned objects in the room. It is important to note that users who have the link to the room will still be able to re-access the room even after they are removed. To temporarily kick a user from a room, the room owner can select the Kick option from the avatar menu while in Pause mode.

Link Hubs rooms to channels via the Discord server

You can link a Hubs room to a channel in the Discord server and have your server members join with their Discord accounts. Banning a user from your server or removing them from the channel will prevent them from being able to re-join the linked Hubs room, even if that user still has the link to the room.

Learn more about the Hubs Discord Bot

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