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The Mozilla Crash Reporter sends your crash report to a collection system, which assigns a crash ID. You will want to post your crash ID(s) in your bug report or support request. Also, Thunderbird developers use this crash report to make future versions of Thunderbird crash less frequently. (The Mozilla Crash Reporter comes up because Thunderbird crashes; the reporter does not cause Thunderbird to crash.)

For suggestions on how to prevent Thunderbird from crashing, see Thunderbird Crashes.

When Thunderbird crashes

After Thunderbird crashes, the Mozilla Crash Reporter window should be displayed where you can supply additional information, then click Quit or Restart to submit the report. Please submit all crashes, including repeats, with your email address so developers can reach you if needed. Also, provide your crash report ID in your support and bug postings.

Crash Reporter TB

Tell Mozilla about this crash so they can fix it: If this box is checked, the Mozilla Crash Reporter will send crash data to Mozilla. Uncheck this box if you don't want to send the report.

Details...: Shows some information that will be submitted with crash data. But don't post "details" in support requests - support requests need your crash ID, which is created after submitting your crash report by enabling "Tell Mozilla ..." and then clicking Quit or Restart.

Add a comment: Use this box to write details about what you were doing when Thunderbird crashed. Note: the comments you provide are public and can be read by anyone.

Allow Mozilla to contact me about this report: Check this box if you are willing to receive emails from Mozilla should they need more information from you about this crash, or have important information for you. Enter your email address in the next field. Note: Mozilla will not contact you automatically. They will contact you only if follow up is needed.

Enter your email address here: The email address to be used if you chose above to help our development staff get information and reproduce this crash.

Note: Your email address is NOT publicly viewable.

Quit Thunderbird: Submit the crash report and close the dialog, but don't start Thunderbird.

Restart Thunderbird: Submit the crash report and close the dialog, and start Thunderbird.

If Thunderbird crashes again on startup, see Thunderbird Crashes for suggestions on how to prevent Thunderbird from crashing. Also, please submit all your crashes.

Viewing crash reports

Skip to Viewing reports outside of Thunderbird if you can't start Thunderbird, or it crashes on startup.

If you are able to start Thunderbird, to view your crash reports:

  1. In Thunderbird, open More Troubleshooting Information from the Help menu, and scroll to the "Crash Reports" section.
  2. Crashes are listed by date and time.
    • Successfully submitted crashes start with the characters "bp-". In the screenshot below, the report ID is "bp-24b627a1-1416-4c09-a4ab-d7f502100331".
    • Unsubmitted crashes do not start with "bp-". Click the number to submit the crash report.
  3. Click on a Report ID to view the report.
  4. Please post the 'bp-...' crash report ID or full URL to the crash report in a bug report or support forum. (As a text string please, not a screenshot.)

If you don't get a crash report, see If you don't get a crash report described later in this article.

Viewing reports outside of Thunderbird

You can find crash information in the Crash Reports folder on your computer without starting Thunderbird.

  1. Press Windows Key+R on the keyboard. A Run dialog will open.
  2. In the Run dialog, type %APPDATA%\Thunderbird\Crash Reports\ and press Enter.

Crash reports are stored in ~/Library/Thunderbird/Crash Reports/ (show hidden folders, on Mac OS X 10.7 and above, by holding down the Option key while opening the Go menu in Finder and then selecting Library).

Crash reports are stored in ~/.thunderbird/Crash Reports/.

The folder contains two subfolders, pending and submitted:

  • pending folder contains files for crashes that have not been received by the crash report database. There are two files for each crash, one is the crash dump, and one is the crash details. You must submit your crashes for developers to be able to view them. If you have not been submitting crashes, please reproduce your crash and when the crash reporter appears please be sure to submit the crash by chosing the restart or quit buttons.
  • submitted folder contains reports that have been received by the crash report database where it can be viewed by a developer. Each file name is a crash ID starting with the characters "bp-", and these IDs are what a developer may request when investigating your crash. If you are receiving help in a bug or support forum, please give them your crash report ID(s) as a text string, not a screenshot.

If you don't get a crash report

If you don't get a crash report either because crash reporter failed or it doesn't work with your OS or distribution, you can get a stacktrace by using How to get a stacktrace for a bug report.

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