Register your own domain with Firefox Relay Premium

Firefox Relay Premium allows you to register your own custom domain so that you can create aliases on the fly without a phone or computer. This is especially convenient if you need to provide an email address when checking out at an establishment and you don't want them to keep your personal email address.

How do I create a custom domain?

  1. Click the Get domain button.
  2. Give your domain a name.
  3. A notification will appear to let you know if the domain name you chose is available.

Your domain name will look something like this:

You just need to provide whatever email username that comes to your mind accompanied by your domain handler and it will automatically appear in your Relay dashboard once an email is sent to it. Then, your custom domain alias will look something like

Note: To stop receiving forwarded emails from your aliases in your real inbox, disable the alias you created for a given website or transaction. To learn how to disable an alias, read Disable/delete an email alias on Firefox Relay .

How many domains can I create with my Premium account?

You can only register one domain with your account. It is not possible to change the domain name later.

What is the difference between a regular email alias and a custom domain email alias?

Custom domain email aliases work a little differently than regular email aliases. You don’t actually need to generate an email address with your custom domain. You just provide an email address @yourcustomdomain and it will instantly be created when you provide it to a service or website. For example, if you are signing up for a newsletter, just enter something like []( and that email alias will instantly be created and added to your Dashboard. This even works when you are away from your computer, out shopping for instance. You can verbally provide something like []( and it will instantly be created when an email is sent to it.

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