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You can use your account recovery key to sign in to your Firefox account to regain access to your data in case you forget your password.

Why does resetting my password reset my data?

Firefox accounts uses your password to encrypt your data (such as bookmarks and passwords) for extra security. When you forget your password and have to reset it, this data could be erased. To prevent this from happening, generate your unique account recovery key before resetting your password.

Generate and store your account recovery key

Important: Do this, so you have your account recovery key ready in case you need to reset your password.
  1. Click the menu button Fx89menuButton to open the menu panel.
  2. Click Firefox accounts (your email address) or sign in if you're not already.
  3. Once signed in, click Manage account.
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    • The Firefox accounts page will open in a new tab.
  4. Under Security, next to Account recovery key, click Create.
  5. Enter your password and then click Continue.
  6. Select one or more methods to store your account recovery key (Download, Copy, Print) and then click Close.
  7. Store your account recovery key in a safe location where you won't lose it.

Change your account recovery key

If your account recovery key was exposed, or you just don't remember where you stored it, you can create a new one at any time. The previous one will lose effect.

  1. Follow the first three steps on the previous section to go to the Firefox Account Settings page.
  2. Under Security, next to Account recovery key, click Remove.
  3. Click Remove again on the confirmation prompt.
  4. Follow the remaining steps on the previous section to create a new account recovery key.

Reset your password with your account recovery key

If you forgot your password and need to reset it, follow these steps.

  1. Click the Forgot your password? link on the sign-in page.
  2. Check your email and click the password reset link in it.
  3. Enter your account recovery key.
  4. Create a new password.
  5. Create a new account recovery key.

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