Share your camera or screen in a Hubs room

When you are in a Hubs room, you can share your camera or device screen to livestream to all the room members. This creates an object in the room, so it can be moved, pinned, muted and removed.

The moderators of a room can enable/disable room members from sharing a camera. If you do not have permissions in a room, contact a room moderator.

Share your camera or screen

  1. From the bottom menu, click on the Share button.
  2. Select either Camera or Screen depending on what you want to share.
  3. You then may need to grant permissions in your browser and on your device to allow access to your camera/screen.
  4. A new room object will appear that contains the video stream. Click and drag the object to move it in the room.
  5. This will appear in the list of Objects, this can be found in the top right corner.

Stop sharing

To stop streaming your camera or screen to the room, simply click on the Share button from the bottom menu. It can also be removed by clicking on Objects on the top right corner, selecting the stream object and clicking Delete.

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