What's new in Firefox for Android

You are on an older version of Firefox for Android so the features described here won't apply to your version. Update to the latest version of Firefox for Android to get the latest features.

Thank you for trying Firefox for Android 88. We've added the following improvement to make searching easier:

Search Engine suggestions

When you start typing something in the search/address bar, Firefox will suggest a search engine based on the letters you're typing. Just tap the suggestion to activate that search engine.

amazon search sug compact

For more information, see Searching with Firefox for Android.

With version 87, we've added more features to autoplay:

Autoplay settings by site

You can now change the autoplay settings for each site through the settings menu or through the blue dot in the URL.

For more information, see Playing videos in Firefox for Android

Autoplay indicator

A blue dot will appear on the address bar to let you know if autoplay has been blocked on a site:


Tapping on this dot will let you change the autoplay permissions for that site.

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