What's new in Firefox for Android

Welcome to a new version of Firefox for Android (version 111). Here are some highlights of bug fixes and enhancements in this version:


  • You can now view PDF documents as you browse, no need to download them and open external applications anymore.
  • Total Cookie Protection was added to Enhanced Tracking Protection’s Strict Mode. With Total Cookie Protection, every website gets its own cookie jar, preventing cookies from being used to track you from site to site.
  • On Pixel devices running Android 12 or higher, you can now share links to recently viewed web content directly from the Recents screen.
  • Firefox is implementing a security change to the way it opens links in other applications. You will need to confirm the request before opening a link in another app. We will be working to refine and improve this change in upcoming releases. To get the latest features, fixes, and enhancements, make sure you update Firefox to the latest release.


  • On Android 13, the clipboard preview will hide your password when copying a password from your Firefox logins.
  • A white bar showed at the bottom of the screen when scrolling and the toolbar bar is set to top.
  • A crash occurred when interacting with the media playback notification in the notification drawer.

We hope you enjoy this new version. Thank you for using Firefox and supporting Mozilla’s mission for privacy, safety, and inclusion on the Web.

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