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I can't recieve emails on thunderbird but get a message that it couldn't connect to the server... connection was refused.

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I can't receive emails on Thunderbird but get a message that it couldn't connect to the server... connection was refused.I can send emails from Thunderbird but do not receive them. I receive the emails on my phone and on the webmail.

I can't receive emails on Thunderbird but get a message that it couldn't connect to the server... connection was refused.I can send emails from Thunderbird but do not receive them. I receive the emails on my phone and on the webmail.

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Thank you for your reply christ1 but I still am not receiving emails. I should mention I was receiving emails previously and they stopped suddenly.

I followed the troubleshooting instructions on the link you provided

  • I contacted my ISP and confirmed that there are no problems with their server and the settings I am using are correct
  • I am able to log into the ISP webmail and can see all of the recent incoming emails
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A few questions: 1. Could you have clicked 'work offline' by accident? (Note that it isn't immediately evident. You have to go into File-Offline - submenu, and see if there is a checkmark next to 'work offline'.

2. In your settings - synchronization, is the box "keep messages for this account on this computer" checked?

3. If all of these are ok, what message (if any) are you getting when you try to download mail for that account?

4. Did you try and search for an email that you know you should have received? (In case it went into another folder or identity... just to make certain it wasn't downloaded somewhere).

5. What do you remember doing between the last time you had email and when it stopped? Did you upgrade? Download an add-on? Do a shut-down? Virus scan?

6. Are you certain you are able to send emails? Have you confirmed it? Please don't take offense - it's just that one time I thought I sent several emails but really, they were all stuck in the outbox while I kept insisting that we had no problem with sending, just receiving. So I learned to double check everything - no matter how apparently obvious. :)

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Hi Smokva - thank you for your help. I went through your list and still can't receive emails. I actually have two email accounts from the same domain address (my email account and our company info@ email account) and both are having the exact same problems.

In response to your items listed above: 1. 'work offline' was not checked

2. the "keep messages for this account on this computer" is checked

3. the message I get is "could not connect to mail server info@****; The connection was refused".

4. I tried a search for an email that I viewed in my webmail account and it wasn't found in my Thunderbird email

5. The last time that I was able to receive emails I was using a wireless connection with my lap top at my in-laws residence. I have used that connection many times without any problems. I had also downloaded a couple of gadgets (desktop clocks) about a week before I started having problems - - I have now unistalled them but still am not receiving emails

6. I have sent and received emails to my gmail account so I do know that they are being sent. I do get a message when I send the emails says "There was an error saving the message to Sent. Retry?" I will get the same message every time that I select "retry".

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Well, I hate to say this, but almost everything seems to point to incoming server settings, although I'll grant you that the "Cannot copy to sent" adds a new dimension. Well, you're going to roll your eyes at the following, but bear with me.

Step 1. Get your proper settings from your mail provider..Yes, I know you checked with them, but don't have them confirm your current settings, tell them to either direct you to the page where the listings are located or email you directions. I know you already talked to them but (a) Help Desk personnel also make mistakes, and (b) you're going to need the details. Step 2. Once you have a hard copy of those settings in front of you, check them against your current settings - and be painstakingly thorough. Letter by letter and dot by dot. Take particular note of the Port being used and the security settings. My host, for example, has two options for connection - one with SSL and one without. Ports, servers and authentication differ for each and you cannot mix and match. Maybe an update or something you downloaded automatically changed one of these settings - it didn't have to be you.

Step 2a: Before going to Step 3, just do a double check and try sending and receiving an email in SAFE mode. It probably won't work.. but try it just the same. Send it to GMail and cc yourself to this account and see what happens.

Step 3. Now, it would be a beautiful thing if SAFE mode works (meaning an add-on may be corrupted) or if your username or pass was off for some reason, or a port incorrect. But the sad fact is everything may in fact look correct and the actual problem is somewhat more complex - a combination of issues perhaps. If you're one of those wonderful computer geeks, you may enjoy solving this particular puzzle by going step-by step and deleting certain files that may be corrupt (I heard .msf files may cause some copying problems), but I find this method is rarely successful for us amateur-geeks. :) So at this point, I recommend creating a new profile - don't delete this one - and use the settings your ISP provided for you. And do it manually. Type everything to ensure accuracy (don't copy paste from original.) It's not complicated, and by far the quickest method to get you up and running with the highest probability of success. I think that this link provides good directions regarding this: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/using-multiple-profiles

I am sorry that I don't have a push-button solution, but sometimes it is easier and better to start from scratch than try to muddle through.

Keep me posted!

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Can you post your Troubleshooting Information? Help (Alt-H) - Troubleshooting Information

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Thanks Smovka - your suggestion to create a new profile solved the problem. Still don't know what happened to cause the problems and won't spend any more time on it now that I'm back up and running.


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Glad to hear it! I was curious if it worked out. Thanks for taking the time to update me.