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We're constantly adding new features to Firefox for Android. To help you get the most out of it, we've compiled some useful articles to help you learn about new features and troubleshoot issues

Firefox for Android in Action

Please update to the latest version to enjoy these new features.

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Manage search engines

Add-ons and Plugins

Firefox for Android comes with lots of great add-ons and plugins to give you more control over your browsing experience.

  1. How do I watch Flash videos with Firefox for Android?
  2. Find and install Add-ons on Firefox for Android
Note: Mozilla does not provide support for third-party add-ons. Please contact the add-on developer directly if you need assistance.

Firefox Sync

Got more than one device? Firefox Sync lets you access your bookmarks, passwords, history and site preferences across multiple devices.

  1. Sync your Firefox bookmarks, history, passwords and more
  2. How do I set up Firefox Sync for the first time?
  3. How do I add a device to Firefox Sync?

Installation and Updates

Android 2.2 and ARMV6 devices: Effective January 2015, Android 2.2 and ARMV6 devices will no longer receive automatic updates or support for Firefox. To find out which version of Android is on your device, please see your manufacturer's information.
  1. Update to the latest version of Firefox for Android
  2. Will Firefox work on my mobile device?

Privacy and Security

Firefox for Android offers customizable settings and add-ons to protect your privacy and give you a safe browsing experience.

  1. Browse the Web on your mobile device without saving or syncing information about sites you visit
  2. How do I use Do-not-track on Firefox for Android?
  3. Using Master Password on Firefox for Android


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